🎉10 Ways to Celebrate Yourself in 2022🎉

🎉10 Ways to Celebrate Yourself in 2022🎉

You’ve heard it many times likely in recent weeks, “new year, new you” but whether or not you’re making changes for yourself this year, it’s always a good idea to celebrate the you you are right now.

We’ve got a few ideas here to help inspire you in this new year! Take what you can from our list or find your own ways to celebrate yourself. 


1) Schedule a time each week to do something for yourself, by yourself. Spend time with yourself doing something you love. It can be as simple as an afternoon walk or a trip to a coffee shop. Make it a date. Put it in your calendar and don’t miss it every week.

A weekly spa-at-home ritual is a great way to do something special for yourself, brightdaybathandbody.com 

2) List 20 things you enjoy doing! When was the last time you did any of these? Pick 1 or 2 and put it on your calendar to do for yourself this month.

If you enjoy a hot bath, put it on your list! Try our Bright Day Soaking Salts for an extra special soak!

3) Find 2 or 3 small daily use items that bring you joy and use them as a way to celebrate yourself. Maybe a special coffee mug, a perfume scent or how about a Bright Day soap like Celebration!? This item should feel a little luxurious and also just for you!

Celebration! Soap helps celebrate YOU with every use, brightdaybathandbody.com

4) Finish a project left undone. That thing that might be nagging you in the back of your mind: maybe a hole in your favorite jeans needs mending or that DIY Project got stuck and forgotten. Schedule time to celebrate the things you love by caring for them so you can enjoy them again!

5) Alternatively, say goodbye to things that have been on hold. Maybe just letting go is a better way to celebrate you and where you’re going by letting go of old projects or items in need of fixing. It’s ok to move forward and abandon the things that no longer serve you rather than letting the “to do” weigh in your mind.

Finish a project, or let it go - making the decision either way can celebrate the you that's here and now

6)Take some time to dream and brainstorm on the things you’ve always wanted to do. Make a dream/mood/vision board clipping images from magazines or prints from things you find online. What do you want to learn? Where do you want to go? 

Use old magazines to create your vision board for 2022 filled with images that resonate with your intentions for the year

7) Choose something from your board (above) and make a move toward it. Sign up for a class! Set vacation dates. Start a savings fund for something you really want. 

8) Make a “not to do” list. I will not work on weekends. I will not check social media while in conversation. Make these rules you can commit to indefinitely since they are based on your values and priorities rather than societal expectations.

9) Treat yourself to something special! Indulge in your favorite dessert or buy the new shoes you’ve been wanting. Take a day off and explore a nearby town. 

10) Make a list of ways you can celebrate your achievements or goals. Keep the list handy - or even keep a bottle of champagne or other treat of your choice on hand for these occasions - and go ahead a celebrate when the time comes! You deserve it!

    Be sure to celebrate your accomplishments in 2022!

    Any other ideas? Please share in the comments, we’d love to hear how you celebrate yourself!

    Britta Jackson is a writer, photographer, and artist with a lifelong love for all things DIY. She lives in Aberdeen with her husband and kids and spends her springs and summers baking pies for her business Oh Hi Handpies and tending her garden.


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