COVID-19 Safety Measures for In-Person Shopping at our Market Booth

Mask & GlovesWe are wearing a facial mask & gloves to keep transactions with customers sanitary. We encourage you wear a mask as well. If money or a credit card is handled by us, gloves will be changed between transactions

Sanitation - Every 30 minutes, we will wipe all surfaces down with a Clorox wipe and/or alcohol spray. We also have hand sanitizer available for customer use.

Display-Only Shopping - View our displays and place your order with one of us. We will package your items for you. Unfortunately, there is no sampling of lotions, body butters or smelling of soaps during this time.

Social Distancing - Please remain 6ft from other customers. Our booth has 3 sides and we limit 1 customer/family per side maximum.

Limit Coins - Our cash transactions will be rounded up or down to the nearest dollar to reduce touching coins. Any transactions rounded up will have the extra change donated to the Aberdeen Sunday Market.

Cards Preferred - To limit touching cash, we encourage the use of credit or debit cards. Please note, we will not be gathering signatures on transactions during this time, to eliminate touching our Point of Sale devices.

Shop from Home - Our shop is available online at for you to shop from the safety of your own home. Sign up for emails to receive exclusive deals.


This notice will be updated if any procedures change or are added throughout the Market season.

Thank you & we look forward to seeing you in person!


Have a Bright Day!


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