Create a Personal Affirmation for 2021

Create a Personal Affirmation for 2021

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Welcome to the first Monday of 2021! As we all get back to our regularly scheduled life post-holidays, many of us are full of hope that our resolutions and goals will create a more positive life in this new year. This is a great time to also talk about adding an affirmation to your daily routine.

If you already have an affirmation (or two, or three, who's counting?), this is a good time to re-evaluate if your affirmation is still serving you, or if you are ready to embark on a new affirmation journey.

If you don't currently have an affirmation, it's an easy process to creating one, and there are plenty of online lists of example affirmations if you need inspiration. Today, let's talk about what an affirmation is and how you can create one for yourself.

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a statement you say out loud or in your mind to yourself as a way to develop and reinforce positive attitudes, beliefs and outlooks about yourself and/or the world around you. The power of affirmations is that they can help you rewrite the story you tell yourself and can help you start your day off with major good vibes. You can also state your affirmation at night, to end your day on a positive note.

How do you create an affirmation? It's a simple process. Turn inward for a moment. Think about the areas in which you are holding onto beliefs that don't serve you, or areas of self improvement that you're focusing on. Is there some attitude or belief you want to change but can't seem to shake? Now, create a counter statement to your negative belief. This is a statement that reframes your existing belief into something positive.

For example, if you're struggling with confidence, your affirmation could be to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and state "I am a confident and capable woman(or man)."

Or if you want to reframe the way you feel about your physical appearance, you could say to yourself, "My body allows me to live my daily life and I am grateful for all of its capabilities." 

What do I do with my affirmation? Take a moment each day to repeat your affirmation to yourself. To be extra effective, say it out loud to yourself in the mirror as though you are talking to a friend. Starting your day with an affirmation means you're setting the precedence for your day to take on a positive and self-loving tone. End your day on this same note and you'll be drifting into dreamland with positivity on your mind.

How do I know if my affirmation is working? Saying an affirmation once isn't necessarily going to create a lasting shift in your belief pattern. The key is to make this a daily affirmation and try it out for a few weeks before deciding you need to make a change. Even if it doesn't feel genuine in the beginning, continue your practice. Your brain is listening - scientific studies show that the brain's neural pathways that are involved in positive valuation and self-related information processing become more active when you repeat your affirmation.

Once you are ready to try a new affirmation, repeat the process of turning inward, identifying a negative belief and crafting a simple counter-statement to come up with your next affirmation.

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👇Do you have a positive affirmation? If you're willing to share, do so in the comments below! 👇

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