Fall at The Scrub Bar

Fall at The Scrub Bar

Fall options are now available at

The Scrub Bar! 

Usher in the splendor of fall with a custom designed body scrub in

festive fall options:


Fall Fragrances


🍂Autumn Fig (last year's #1 fall fragrance!)

🍁Caramel Woods (used in our Autumn Leaves soap)

🍂Apple Caramel Crunch

🍁Maple Pecan

🍂Lemon Bar

🍁Cinnamon Cocoa

🍂Gingerbread Cookie

🍁Oatmeal Stout

🍂Country Bumpkin (apples, candied yams, marshmallows, sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves)

🍁Pumpkin Apple Streusel

🍂Perfect Pumpkin (Sweet autumn pumpkin, cinnamon, clove & maple sugar)

🍁Wild Rose

🍂Orange Cranberry


Fall Exfoliants

🍁Pumpkin Powder

🍂Black Jojoba Beads

🍁Orange Jojoba Beads

🍂Black & Orange Mixed Jojoba Beads

🍁Coffee Grounds

🍂Cranberry Seeds

🍁Poppy Seeds

🍂Walnut Shells

🍁Icelandic Black Sand

🍂Black Sea Salt


Fall Extracts

🍁Pumpkin Extract

🍂Rose Extract

🍁Mallow Extract

🍂Oat Extract


Fall Colors



🍁Black (grey in whipped scrub)


Ready to design your own fall or Halloween inspired scrub? Visit The Scrub Bar to get started!


Have a Bright Day!


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