Fall in the Northwest Collection

Fall in the Northwest is a time of beauty. For a couple of months, the lush green of the Pacific Northwest is speckled with brilliant tones of golds, reds, ambers and oranges, creating a spectacular background for beautiful fall days. As a nearly lifelong Washington resident, I have always appreciated this time of year - even more so after I returned from my college years in the desert, where fall didn't seem to beautify much of anything.
One of the most wonderful things about fall in the northwest is the bounty of produce that comes during this time. Washington State has a lively agriculture sector and the fall is a bustling harvest time in many areas of the state. This collection honors three very important, quintessentially fall harvests in soap, body scrub and lip balm. If you're from Washington, use these products with pride - and if you're not from Washington, bring the Pacific NW fall vibes to your sink and shower with these collection items!
Washington Apple
Washington is best known for apples, and rightfully so. This fall, we honor this important harvest with Washington Apple, a fresh apple & spice scent that immediately enwraps you in fall. The soap features a fun apple tree design, the scrub features red jojoba oil beads and the lip balm is a caramel apple flavor - perfect for fall fun!
Harvest Pear
You may not know this, but the Pacific Northwest is responsible for up to 87% of the US pear harvest every year. Between Oregon & Washington, there are over 800 pear farms! Harvest Pear is a gorgeous scent of crisp, fresh pear that conjures up images of the freshest of fruits at fall gatherings. The soap & body scrub feature French Green Clay, which is a good oil absorber for your skin, and the lip balm also features the tiniest hint of coconut to bring the pear flavor alive.
Cranberry Fig
cranberry fig collection items
Washington State is consistently in the top 5 cranberry-producers in the United States. Along our southwest coast, including where Bright Day Bath & Body is based, cranberries are grown in bogs. Our home county even has a Cranberry Festival every October to celebrate this fall berry! Cranberry Fig is a soft, sweet take on the cranberry scent that is a treat to use in your daily routine. The soap and body scrub feature real cranberry seeds!
Pumpkin Spice Latte
pumpkin spice latte soap & body scrub
The Pumpkin Spice Latte. The PSL. The iconic fall drink of all drinks! Starbucks released the Pumpkin Spice Latte in 2003 and boy has it's arrival every August/September signaled the beginning of fall splendor for millions of people. We proudly salute this beverage's Pacific NW origins with a limited edition soap and body scrub! If you love the PSL, this soap and scrub are for you!
Autumn Leaves
autumn leaves soap photos
As I mentioned at the open, the beauty of fall in the Pacific Northwest is astounding. This limited edition soap celebrates the array of brilliant colors that briefly wow us every fall. This soap is scented in a unique and unusual fall collection of juicy plum, whipped caramel, bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms. There are only 3 soaps in this limited edition, so if you want to adorn your sink or shower with this beauty, pick one up quick!
Fall at The Scrub Bar
It's also fall at The Scrub Bar! Design your own fall-inspired body scrub and add autumn to your daily routine in your own special way! New items include pumpkin extract, pumpkin powder, coffee grounds, fall fragrances and more! Visit The Scrub Bar to learn more.
The Fall in the Northwest Collection is available starting Tuesday, September 1st at 10AM. Visit the website to purchase, and follow us on Instagram and TikTok to see a countdown to release day, the making of these soaps and more!
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