February is National Bake for Family Fun Month - We've Rounded up 10 Yummy Recipes to Try!

February is National Bake for Family Fun Month - We've Rounded up 10 Yummy Recipes to Try!

While we all wait for spring to come, it’s likely that you are feeling a little itch to do something new and exciting. But when the weather is still cold and wet, as it often is in February in the PNW, sometimes it’s fun to *mix* it up in the kitchen instead! What could be better than trying your hand at baking something new?! Baking can provide a fun family activity AND you’ll get the benefit of eating some delicious treats once the project is complete.

I like baking with my family often! Of course, I run a small at home bakery called Oh Hi Handpies, so my kids are always wanting to jump in. While they can’t help me with my business, I do try to make extra time for them to get their hands messy on our own baking adventures whenever we can.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to hopefully inspire you and your family to do some baking this month. After all, it’s National Bake for Family Fun Month! Check out this link too for some tips on baking with littles.

 1) Glazed Sour Cream Gem Cakes


If you haven’t heard, Mochi Doughnuts are all the rage in many cities and this recipe for Gem Cakes is a great take on the idea! They use Mochi flour, which is a rice flour you can find online or at many asian grocery stores (H Mart in Federal Way is my favorite!). They are super easy to make and have a much spongier texture than the usual flour based cake. Try your own flavors! But Matcha is my favorite for a nice rich and earthy flavor that pairs well with a hot cup of green tea!


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 2) Orange Cookies

Photo credit: Brown Eyed Baker


When you need to add a bright sunny moment to a dull winter’s day, try making orange cookies! I love using lemon, orange or citrus flavors in baking to help brighten up flavors and give yourself a break for heavy and rich flavors.

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3) Pizza Dough


We love a homemade pizza! While it can seem intimidating, the kids love to knead the dough and watch it rise. Plus, pizza is easy to make with kids and they love choosing their own toppings! We often make a big batch of dough so we can make dinner and dessert all at once! A few savory pizza pies plus a dessert option. Try this Martha Stewart recipe for a sweet idea using honey and fresh figs. Yum!

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4) Homemade Pop Tarts


You know I love a handpie! There are unlimited options once you can become confident with your pie crust. My recommendation, ensure your pie crust for hand pies is a little *more* well mixed than a typical pie crust so it has a slightly more glutinous texture and holds together well. Try this recipe to make a pop-tart version! Kids love it and it’s so easy to work with them on a baking project like this.

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 5) Lemon Cookies


Yes, I’m back to a citrus cookie idea because they are amazing! You might not believe it, but adding an unusual and sour dairy like sour cream or goat cheese makes for the most complex flavor in baking! Try these Lemon and Goat Cheese Tea Cookies for your next family tea party with the kids.

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6) Cake Mix Cookies


Photo credit: Shalaine_1 on allrecipes.com


This was my go-to baking recipe in college whenever I was baking for a large group. The easiest cookies you’ll ever make! And a really delicious flavor that kids will love. You can use any cake mix to make these, but a confetti cake is especially fun for kids to enjoy!

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7) Tiramisu


Tiramisu is my favorite dessert of all time because I’m a coffee lover but I also love a rich dessert that involves chocolate AND cream. I made this Classic Tiramisu recipe for my birthday using Tinderbox Coffee espresso! It might seem difficult, but have fun assembling it with your family! And maybe make a mini version for the kids sans alcohol. My kids loved it!

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8) London Fog Cake

Photo Credit: Savory Simple Blog


My favorite cake of all time! This one is especially fun because my kids love tea and picking herbs from our garden. We make our own lavender syrup from lavender we pick and brew some earl grey tea (Stephen Smith Teamaker is my favorite). 

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9) Peach Cobbler



The ultimate summer dessert made with fresh peaches and so easy to make! Kids love stirring up whatever’s in the mixing bowl and this is easy for them to do. 

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10) Cucumber Mint Soda


If you’d like to find another dessert that doesn’t require an oven, try out Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with a Cucumber Mint Soda!  It’s a bright and fun option when you’d rather not break out all the mixing bowls and pans. 

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 About the Author

Britta Jackson is a writer, photographer, and artist with a lifelong love for all things DIY. She lives in Aberdeen with her husband and kids and spends her springs and summers baking pies for her business Oh Hi Handpies and tending her garden.


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