Sugar Body Scrub Inspiration from The Scrub Bar

Sugar Body Scrub Inspiration from The Scrub Bar

Body scrubs are the most invigorating and unique bath product and one of my favorites. They elevate the boring daily shower experience to instant spa and leave your skin awake, refreshed and smooth. The Scrub Bar is the newest offering at Bright Day Bath and Body, providing you an opportunity to create a fully custom scrub tailored to your preferences!

The Sugar Scrub and Whipped Sugar Scrub both feature a luxurious blend of Cane Sugar and Brown Sugar that will pamper and nourish your skin. After you select your base, you get to choose your additives, colorants and fragrance to create your own 8oz scrub- you even get to name it for a custom label!

If you're looking for some inspiration for your sugar scrub, here are a few delightful combos you can use as inspiration:


Berry Delight Sugar Scrub

-Sugar Scrub Base

-Raspberry Jam Fragrance

-Blackberry Seeds

-Fractionated Coconut Oil

-Oat Extract

-Pink Colorant


Floral Femme Whipped Sugar Scrub

-Whipped Sugar Scrub Base

-Baby's Breath Fragrance

-Bamboo Powder

-Apricot Kernel Oil

-Chamomile Extract

-Shimmer White Colorant


Minted Magic Sugar Scrub

-Sugar Scrub Base

- Moroccan Mint Fragrance

-Lagoon Green Jojoba Beads

-Avocado Oil

-Green Tea Extract

-Gold Colorant


Did those get your creative juices flowing? Enjoy making your own creation, or try one of the above at The Scrub Bar! These custom scrubs will truly brighten your daily routine!

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