Summer is Oh So Sweet

Summer is Oh So Sweet

Bath and Body Products - Summer Sweets Collection

Ah, summertime. Sweet, sweet summertime.

Summer is a magical season. When I look back on my summers- especially my childhood summers- I am filled with an instant sense of wonder, freedom and happiness. The sunshine, the heat, the schedule-free days, the pool parties, the bright, colorful motif of the season's flowers and trees. All of it combines to make summer the one season I can instantly 'transport' to with a simple whiff of a scent, the opening notes of an old summer jam, the morning birds through the window and any number of other sensory triggers. 

That nostalgic feeling is what inspired the Summer Sweets Collection. Each of the four scents that make up the collection was chosen because of its iconic role in the summer experience. Each scent features a Soap, a Whipped Sugar Scrub, a Body Lotion (featuring my new formula!) and a Lip Balm. The perfect collection of products to keep your skin in top shape for summer!

My goal for you is to use these products and be transported to your own favorite summer memories. For me, they each correlate to a very specific summer experience...






Cotton Candy instantly takes me back to the county fair that I looked forward to every summer as a kid (and truthfully, I still look forward to it as an adult and a parent). The tantalizing smell of fair food, the colorful carnival games, the music blasting from all the twirling and whirling rides. At night, the lights sparkle and everything turns into a dreamland and it creates the perfect summer memory. And what fair trip is complete without the penultimate fair treat, Cotton Candy? This fluffy, sticky, sweet cloud-on-a-stick in colorful pink and blue is an icon of summer at the county fair. The fragrance I sourced for this line of products is spot on, no joke. I dare you to close your eyes while using any one of these products and you will insist that an open bag of cotton candy has just been handed to you.








Pink Lemonade is the drink of summer. Much of my summers as a child were spent running around my neighborhood with my friends, freely hopping backyard to backyard enjoying various summer activities. We'd stop for a snack break, or pop inside for lunch, and there was nothing more satisfying than that sweet, tart lemonade. As an adult, I discovered the joys of making fresh lemonade during the summer and the creativity of adding berries, mint and other enhancing flavors. You can fill your summer with vacations, day trips and excursions, but nothing beats a relaxing backyard summer day with the tart, refreshing taste of lemonade. This line of products will treat you to that same refreshing experience each time you use them.








Pineapple Punch is a summer vacation in the tropics. Admittedly, I have never gone on any tropical summer vacations but my husband and I did honeymoon in Jamaica in April '06 and we took a family vacation in Hawaii last December so one sniff of this fragrance and I was back under the palm trees on sunny, sandy beaches. Summer and the tropical motif go hand-in-hand and I think we've all been to more than one summer luau in someone's backyard. If you have no tropical vacation plans this summer, let Pineapple Punch whisk you away to the tropics in your own shower. This is a fruity, playful scent of pineapple mixed with coconut milk and juicy fruits.








I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! Ice Cream parlors, ice cream shoppes, ice cream stores - whatever you call them, a store that sells ice cream is a must-go-to location in the summer time. When I was young, there were two ice cream shoppes that called me to them like a beacon every time I was near them. In my home town, we had the classic Baskin Robbins, where everyone went after special events for a celebratory cone. My all time favorite ice cream is still Baskin Robbins Peppermint Ice Cream, one I (sadly) don't get to enjoy much anymore as our Baskin Robbins closed several years ago. The other was Whale of a Cone in Westport - a local beach town with the most adorable boardwalk that combines kitchy boardwalk stores with a real fishing-town marina to create a unique and rich coastal experience. Both of these stores had a smell wafting from them that pulled me in like a tractor beam - a uniquely sweet amalgamation of too many ice cream flavors, toppings, waffle cones, refrigerant and more. The Ice Cream line features a similar bouquet of sweet flavors - raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, peach puree and whipped cream - that creates a scent that takes me instantly to the doorway of these favorite shoppes. Use this line and you'll ask yourself 'am I in my shower, or my favorite ice cream shoppe?' 


Each scent features in the Summer Sweets Collection is available in a handcrafted soap featuring skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin and more; a whipped sugar scrub that will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin; a body lotion featuring my new formula using coconut oil, avocado oil and aloe extract; and lastly, a lip balm featuring various oils and butters to keep those lips nourished!

 Shop the full Summer Sweets Collection and take yourself to your favorite summer memories! This collection debuts on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 6pm PST!

Have a Bright Day!


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