Thursday Three: 3 Tricks to Brighten Your Morning

Thursday Three: 3 Tricks to Brighten Your Morning

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The Thursday Three: 3 Tricks to a Brighter Morning 🌄

September always means busy fall schedules. ⏳ Gone are the lazy mornings of summer (you mean there are hours BEFORE 10am?!) and back to early morning routines. If your family is like mine, there are *some* members who just aren't morning people (ahem, my daughter). 🥱 Maybe its you! If it is, here are 3 easy tricks to making your morning brighter, even if you hate mornings:

1️⃣ Treat yourself to a special bath & body product that helps you look forward to your morning shower. For real! Splurge on a favorite item, or treat yourself to an adventurous new item. Either way, the novelty can motivate you to get moving with positive energy. (And, you know, my website has lots of great options 😉)

2️⃣ Greet the world. 🌄 When you wake up, make a 5-10 minute trip outside one of your first to-dos of the day. Have your coffee on the patio, or go outside right after you wake up to get fresh air, say hello to the land of the living and move on with some pep in your step. Plus, 15 minutes of daylight in the early morning can help keep your circadian clock calibrated correctly, helping you get more sleep! 😴

3️⃣ Make your bed! 🛏 It sounds small, but having a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning can give you a boost of motivation to keep the accomplishments coming all day. Plus, it will help you avoid crawling back into bed after you start the coffee. (What, who does that?🤫😉)

So there you have it! Start your fall routine off right with these three tricks to brightening up those early mornings!

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