Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub

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Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub
Create a Custom Sea Salt Scrub

Here's an opportunity for you to create a scrub that's all you! Starting with our skin loving blend of Dead Sea Salt & Himalayan Sea Salt, you choose the additives you want to create a unique and custom 8oz* spa scrub that will give you an indulgent and personalized at-home spa experience. This is a more invigorating scrub base, so it works great on the full body, but some people may find it too abrasive for facial areas.

Need some inspiration? Check out this blog post for salt scrub ideas!

 About the Fragrances:

Your fragrance will set the tone for your scrub and help you determine what other selections you make. Visit our blog here for the full fragrance list, including some fragrance notes to help you choose! All of our scents are fragrance oils, not essential oils.

Read about the Fall fragrances here!

About the Specialty Exfoliants:

Clays- Great for nourishing the skin and helping to absorb oils, especially if you do decide to use your scrub on the facial area

Jojoba Beads- Fun, colored esters of jojoba oil that are an environmentally friendly alternative to microbeads. They lend color and gentle exfoliation to your scrub.

Others - various powders and seeds are all gentle exfoliators that add character and quality to your scrub


About the Oils:

Apricot Kernel Oil - a light, fast absorbing oil packed with fatty acids

Shea Oil- a liquid product of luxurious and moisturizing shea butter

Fractionated Coconut Oil- a light, liquid product of coconut oil that absorbs quickly

Avocado Oil - a silky, smooth oil that is packed with vitamins and absorbs quickly

Jojoba Oil - A lightweight oil that is moisturizing & noncomedogenic (similar to natural sebum in the skin, so it doesn't clog pores)


About the Extracts:

All of the extract options will nourish and moisturize your skin while providing something unique for your spa experience. They are made from plant extracts and are in a carrier oil. Choose the one that fits your scrub theme, or choose the one that intrigues you the most! They are unscented and will not affect the overall fragrance of your scrub.


About the Colorants:

Some colors will appear muted or light due to the pink sea salt in the blend, the exfoliant chosen and to avoid staining the skin or your tub.

About the Name:
If your creativity isn't kicking in, we can name your scrub for you - just type "Name it for me" in the box. If you leave the box blank, the name will be "[Your Name]'s Custom Scrub"

For optimal performance, all scrubs will also include:

Phenoxyethanol- a preservative that will keep your scrub fresh in case of exposure to water

Potassium Cocoate - a light surfactant made from coconut oil that will leave you feeling clean rather than oily after use.

*8oz by volume. The label will list Net Weight and may be different.