3 Fun Ways to Reuse Your Bright Day Glass Jars this Spring

3 Fun Ways to Reuse Your Bright Day Glass Jars this Spring

If you're anything like me, it's hard to just toss out or even recycle a GOOD JAR. My jar collection continues to grow and maybe yours too. It's so great to be able to purchase locally made products in quality packaging, like the Bright Day Bath and Body products: Soaking Salts, Body Scrubs, and Body Butters.

And once you've used the last drop of your scrub or body butter, what do you do with the cute little jars?! I have a few ideas for you. The lables are incredibly easy to peel off for a clean surface after a little wash. So, get those jars cleaned up and let's get crafting!

Creative Jar Reuse: Dried Herbs

Dried Herb and Spice Jars

I love the size of the Soaking Salts jars as a way to store my dried garden herbs! They are larger than the jars you'd typically buy from the grocery store, which gives plenty of room for your home grown and dried herbs. This is a great time to hop out into the garden and clip a few stems of Rosemary or Oregano to dry out inside. (And if you don't have these growing already, run to your nearest nursery and grab some! They are easy to grow and easily survive our wet weather and cold winters.)

I used POSCA markers to handwrite the herb on the glass jar. I love these markers because they are dense with color and easy to use compared to paint or sharpies. They aren't food-safe, so you'll want to make sure you aren't using them on the interior of your jars or on anything you would actually eat or drink out of. And, when you use these markers on glass, they can be washed off. So once you finish up your jar of herbs, you can always change up what you store inside by washing and relabeling!

Creative Jar Reuse: Soy Candles

Scented Candles made with Soy Wax

This project requires a few more supplies, but if you love to have some extra candles on hand, this project is for you! I used the Body Butter jar here to create a cute little candle that is easy to store by keeping the metal lid. I used soy wax beads, which melt quickly in a double burner on your stove. From there, secure a wick to the bottom of the jar with a little wax. Add some essential oil scents of your choice and fill your jar. Easy!

Creative Jar Reuse: Easter Bunny Glitter Jar

Easter Bunny Glitter Jar

This might be a little silly, but my kids love their glitter jars and they are easy to make! I started with the Body Scrub jar, though you could use a smaller jar as well. I simply added glitter and filtered water, filled about 85% of the jar and then closed the lid tight (consider adding glue if you're worried your kids might attempt opening it!). Flip the jar over and decorate! 

I cut out bunny ears and glued them to the top with Tacky Craft Glue. Then I used POSCA markers for drawing on the face. Let dry completely then tuck into your Easter Baskets!

Creatie Jar Reuse

Don't toss your glass jars! We hope you'll find a crafty way to reuse your jars after you've used your Bright Day Bath and Body products! If you're not feeling crafty, you can even return your clean jars to be sanitized and reused by Bright Day! Send a message or email to learn more about how you can return your empty and cleaned jars.

Have another idea on how to use your jars? Let us know in the comments!


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