Have a Bright Day, every day - start with a daily routine you enjoy!


Hey There! I'm Alexis and I founded Bright Day Bath and Body in 2018. I wanted to help people have a bright day and I realized that having a daily routine you enjoy is one of the first things a person can do to start their day off right!  

At Bright Day Bath and Body, we offer soaps, body scrubs and more in rotating collections, all with the mission to help you find joy in your daily routine. There are a few year-round favorites, too! I also offer weekly tips to having a brighter day and other great content on the Bright Day Blog, as well as exclusive content like behind-the-scenes soap making videos, contests and more on our Instagram and TikTok accounts (@brightdaybathandbody on both)!

What makes our products worthy of brightening your day? The founding principles of every product created at Bright Day Bath & Body are quality, color and fun.

  • Quality Ingredients - Our products include skin-loving ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin, avocado butter, rosehip seed oil, sea salt, various botanical extracts and so many more!
  • Quality Manufacturing - Our products are lovingly handcrafted, and we take great care during manufacturing. We follow good manufacturing practices while creating & handling all of our products, including using PPE like gloves, masks, aprons and hairnets and following sanitation and cleanliness processes in our studio.
  • Colorful Designs - Color psychology is a whole field of research study because color has the power to influence us in a variety of ways! Our products are designed to be a colorful, mood-boosting part of your day.
  • Fun Fragrances - Did you know your brain likes novelty? Dopamine systems are activated when you experience something new! With this in mind, we rotate our collections based on the season, with a few that do stick around all year. Our goal is to delight you with adventurous new scents to fall in love with!

An exciting new subset of Bright Day is The Scrub Bar, an opportunity for you to custom design your own body scrub, for a truly personalized experience. What could brighten your daily routine up more than a product made exclusively for you?

Thank you for visiting our shop and we look forward to helping you have a bright day, every day!

-Alexis Abruscato, Owner

PS: If you love your Bright Day products, show them off on Instagram using #brightenyourdailyroutine and tag us in the photo!


Here I am holding a tower of my favorite Bright Day product- Whipped Body Scrubs!


Handcrafted in small batches by a one woman team on the coast of Washington State.


Currently shipping throughout the US only.