Here are some commonly asked questions about Bright Day products. If you don't see an answer here, please feel free to email me your question at info@brightdaybathandbody.com and I'll get back to you promptly.


Is it safe to buy products made outside of a factory?

Yes! While I don't operate a factory to manufacture my products, I do follow  FDA regulations, laws and good manufacturing practices that any manufacturer (handcrafted or factory) must follow.

You can feel safe knowing that these procedures are important to me and my products are made and stored in a dedicated, clean environment.

I am also a member of the Handcrafted Soaps and Cosmetics Guild, where I have earned two certifications through their programs: Advanced MP Soapmaker and Beginner Cosmetic Maker. These included taking proctored exams, as well as submitting samples of my products and documentation of my production process.

Did you know? Products produced outside of FDA guidelines are considered 'adulterated' or 'misbranded' and the FDA can issue warning letters, fines and more.


Can any of your products treat my skin conditions?

No. My products are designed to moisturize, hydrate and help make your skin feel smooth but none of them are intended to treat any medical conditions.

Bath and body products legally cannot claim they treat any medical issues, from eczema to psoriasis to insomnia or anything else. If these claims are made, the product is considered a drug and must go through the drug approval process with the FDA. Approved drugs will feature a special Drug Facts label.

Please exercise caution with any brand claiming to treat a medical condition, unless their products bear the FDA-approved Drug Facts label. 


Are your products all natural?

There is no FDA definition of 'all natural' for soap and cosmetics, so that can mean many things to many people. My products are made from high quality oils, butters and other ingredients. Some of those other ingredients are synthetic, such as preservatives, fragrances and colorants. All of my ingredients are proven safe and permitted for use in body care products. You can visit the Ingredient Glossary for definitions on some of the more unusual sounding ingredients. Remember: just because you can't pronounce something doesn't mean it is bad.

For those who prefer to avoid synthetic ingredients, the Bright Naturals Soaps and Body Oils use all plant-based ingredients and essential oils. 


Are your products cruelty free?

I am an animal lover, so I absolutely do not test any Bright Day products or ingredients on animals. I cannot offer any guarantees further back in the supply chain.


Are your products vegan friendly?

Many of my products are vegan friendly, and all of them are vegetarian friendly! The only products I use that contain animal products are my lip balms, which contain beeswax, and my Honey, Bee You! Soap, which contains Honey. 

The glycerin in my products is all vegetable-derived and no animal fats (tallow) are used in any product.


Do you use essential oils or fragrance oils?

To offer the widest range of scent experiences for my customers, I use synthetic fragrance oils in the majority of my products.


The Bright Naturals Soaps & Body Oils only use plant based fragrance oils and essential oils.

Did you know? The FDA does not recognize a difference between essential oils and fragrance oils.


Do you use parabens in your products?

Some of my products do have a very small amount of parabens in them, as a preservative for some colorants I use. These are present in the finished products at a level much less than 1%.

Did you know? Parabens get some negative press for being possible endocrine disruptors, but many commonly used and praised essential oils,  like Lavender, are also shown to have the same effect.