Bright Days for the Planet

"Bright Days for the Planet" with a pink and blue globe on a yellow background


My commitment to the planet is written into the heart and soul of Bright Day Bath & Body. Every December, I donate 1% of my net sales (not just net profit) to an environmentally-focused non profit organization. But it isn't just charitable giving- the environment also plays a key role in my business decisions around the two areas that the beauty/skincare industry is notoriously wasteful: packaging and ingredients. For an expanded discussion on the environmental impacts of the beauty industry, read my 2022 Earth Day Blog Post.



As a business that produces a physical product, it is my goal to minimize the amount of waste generated through business. My goal is to use as little plastic as possible in packaging, to focus on recyclable packaging options, and to repurpose materials (such as bubble wrap) as much as possible. In the largest reduction of plastic waste to date, I was able to update the jars for Body Scrubs, Body Butters and Bath Salts to glass jars that are infinitely recyclable - and can even be returned to me for a reuse program that is in the works. I also updated plastic lip pots to paperboard tubes at the same time.



My goal is to use ingredients that can be cultivated, harvested and processed in a responsible manner to the environment and to the community/culture the ingredient originates. Particular care is taken when sourcing oils/butters, essential oils, and mica colorants, as these are some key ingredients that can have environmental and human rights impacts. 



In 2022, I implemented a new program to make shipped orders Carbon Neutral. Through this program, Bright Day pays a small fee to cover the carbon costs of shipping the order. You can feel good knowing your order is coming to your door, carbon-neutral!


Charitable Contributions

In 2021, I wrote a business plan for Bright Day that included a new commitment to donate 1% of annual net sales to an environmental organization. Each fall, I select an organization based on their mission, their future plans and their effectiveness in working towards their goals.

2021- $130 to the National Resources Defense Council

2022- $117 to Evergreen Action