Daydreaming About the Seaside...

Daydreaming About the Seaside...

Captain's Log, day 15... or 500? I can't really tell anymore.
The days blend together and the scenery never changes. I have run out of things to say to the few people left around me and I dream of the day I can walk on a long, sandy beach again...

Ha! Can anyone else relate? These times are truly strange, a little bit scary and a bit cabin fever inducing. Like most of you, I have been at home since March 14, only leaving my house two times for groceries. Any plans I had have been cancelled and daily routines have been adjusted accordingly. Work days and weekends blend together and a new 'norm' has set in for my family for the foreseeable future.

One of the things I was looking forward to most was my birthday weekend at the end of March, where my family had reserved a beach house for the weekend out at the beautiful Seabrook, WA. This trip was obviously cancelled and I was a bit crestfallen at the transition to a quiet, quarantine birthday. But don't worry- it ended up being a wonderful, relaxing day where my daughter baked me a cake and made my birthday dinner!

However, I still long for a weekend at the beach and I'm guessing some of you probably do as well. All of this is leading up to say that while we may not be able to go to the beach right now, we can bring the beach inside to us!

The Seaside Spa Collection debuts today and is a collection of four wonderful soaps, a body scrub and a lotion that embody the wonders of the sea. I started work on this collection long before my birthday plans were made & cancelled, but boy am I grateful I did! The collection features high quality ingredients and sea-inspired ones like seaweed extract, sea clay and real kelp. The fragrances are all ocean inspired, relaxing and refreshing in their own ways. You can truly feel pampered and transported to the sea when you use this collection.

Check out the full Seaside Spa Collection and create a sea-inspired spa day in your own shower!

 Take Care & Stay Safe at Home!



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